How To Make A Website

There are a few different ways to make a website. Long ago, you needed to know html programming to make a website but today there are a variety of programs called content management systems that basically do all the programming for you. Learning to use the content management system basically becomes the how. Make a website easily using the most popular content management system on the planet: Wordpress

Just to avoid any confusion, there is a where you can get free hosting for a website. Hosting is basically where your website is stored. It’s a large powerful computer that’s hooked up to the internet and accessible to everyone. This may be a good place to start out prior to buying your own domain (the URL or unique address of your site) and getting your own hosting account which you must pay for. Accounts are free at but your website is part of the wordpress site and has in it’s name. Your URL which stands for universal resource locator) will look like: instead of



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There is also which is where you can download the wordpress content management system and many other helpful things called plug-ins. In reality though, your hosting company will more than likely have an easy wordpress installation system that is push-button simple.


WordPress is very powerful and very flexible. You can control every aspect of your site including size, colors, typefaces, graphics, videos, etc, etc. using different themes, templates and plug-ins. There are literally thousands of all these things that serve specific purposes and allow you to customize your site. Many if not most are also free.

To avoid a long learning curve and possibly harming your site in the eyes of the search engines, it is highly recommended to learn wordpress from some type of wordpress tutorial. Most video tutorials for wordpress are easy to follow and you can get complete wordpress courses for a very low price. Since wordpress is constantly being updated and changed, it’s important to get wordpress training that stays up to date and gives you ongoing access. is a wordpress video tutorial that includes over 50 lessons. It is superb and will have you blogging in no time while teaching you aspects of wordpress that you could never learn on your own.


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